Friday, June 16, 2006

My garden in June

Well, I remained fairly well focussed, and did a lot of my list yesterday. I'm going to try and do the mail art this morning before going to lunch with A and S.

I took these pics of my garden yesterday. There is quite a lot of colour at the moment, and the roses have been spectacular this year. The purple clematis is called 'Polish Spirit', so reminds me of my late FIL, who was Polish. It is incredibly abundant, and lasts a very long time! I love it. The gravel path goes all the way round the edge of the garden, (this is the bit we gravelled in half term) then the borders slope down to a sunken lawn. There are steps at each end. These steps look gorgeous coverd in the pink rose petals, but are lethal! They are uneven and very slippery becasue they get gravel on them, and the plants are in the way at the moment, until the rose fades and I can cut it back. I have lots of foxgloves that just reseed themselves wherever each year. I must take a photo like this with drops of water on, I think it will look great!

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MJ said...

Beautiful garden Linda

MJ xx