Thursday, June 15, 2006


I love making lists. It makes me feel really good when I cross things off my list!

Here is my huge long list for today, let's see if I can be focussed and get most of it done:

write to people who have overpaid (4)
banking (means going into Worthing, maybe have coffee, buy a magazine!!)
buy envelopes and send 2 letters from Monday

plant petunias I bought yesterday
what to do with tomatoes, pepper plants that Mum gave me

Mail art
At the very least, post the ATCs I have already made
catch up on 4 weeks projects!

finish and post Mj's page
look on wikipedia for ideas for Myths and Legends CJ

Finish Maribels star book

Order dog food (done already!)

Make father's day card
buy father's day presents (DVD of the fastest Indian if it is out yet)

1 comment:

Michelle said...

Hi! I'm a 'list-writer'.. either on paper, or in Outlook. :)