Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Somerset Lodge, Petworth

Just had to upload these pics of the beautiful garden we went to today. I picked Mum and Dad up at 11.30am, we went to RSPB at Pulborough for lunch, stopped by the craft shop in Wyelvale grden centre (where I spent far too much money considering all I wnated was gold brads!), and then on to the garden at Petworth. WE met Mum and Dad's friends there, and wandered around slowly. When we got to the vegetable garden, the owner started chatting to us, what a lovely man! She does most of the gardening, he does the making of fences, trellis, and all other garden structures. Dad was made up when he let him look in his workshop! Highlights? The vegetable garden, all little tiny plots surrounded by box hedges, and the path lined with old fashioned roses - just the right time of year to see them.

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