Friday, June 30, 2006

day out to eastbourne

I had just the most wonderful day yesterday. Cynthia invited me over for lunch, and Merlin came too! Cynthia and Mike have 2 dogs, so were happy to have Merlin as well. We had lunch on their gorgeous patio overlooking the fab garden in hot sunshine, and then Mike had to go out. Cynthia and I took the dogs for a walk up the hill almost right outside their front door. The view over Eastbourne was perfect. It really was a perfect summer's day, with a nice breeze once we got up the hill. We had time for a cup of tea when we got back, and then unfortunately it was time to come home!

Cynthia and I met in the first year of our degree in Neuroscience at Sussex University. Unfortunately, Cynthia left after the first term, but we have kept in touch, and see each other once or twice a year. It must be 8 years since we met!! Whenever we meet, we always have loads to say to each other, it's great!

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MJ said...

Sounds like a fabulous day Linda;
MJ xx