Saturday, June 24, 2006


Eeeek! We have mice in the larder. When I went to get a little packet of pretzels (Waitrose low-fat!!) to nibble with my glass of wine last night, they were all open. Lots of little nibble marks ie mice!!! It's not the first time we have had mice in there. Well, I have spent the morning moving everything out, scrubbing it, laying a mouse trap, and putting everything back in. At least it is neat and tidy. One thing I never know what to do with is plastic food containers. I never find one the right size for what I want, and they sit there in a huge untidy pile. I am going to throw them away!!! They are so cheap nowadays, that I can buy more if I ever need any.

DH is watching moto gp, I am on here wondering what to do, the weather is gorgeous. I should go outside but I have a whole pile of ironing to do, and I'd like to do some scrapping.

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MJ said...

Oh decisions Linda, do the scrapping, that wins everytime with me!!!! LOL

MJ xx