Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday evenings

I always feel a bit low on a Tuesday evening. It should be wonderful! I get everyone's tea done early, DS goes to YC and Insight group, DH takes dd dancing and goes to see his mum, and I have all evening to myself, once I've taken Merlin for a walk.

But I can never get motivated to do anything! I'm trying to do a CJ entry tonight. What I really want to do is sit here and chat on the internet! How sad is that. Anyway, I have done some of it, I keep running up and down the stairs for the computer, for the journaling. (Actually it is quotes) I'm going to hand cut a title, and print the rest out on strips of card. Might stamp one of the words.

If there was something good on the telly, I could watch that. But it's only football. WOrld cup.

I don't stop eating either. I keep going to the cupboard for snacks, crisps (they are low fat!), ryvita minis (quite nice but expensive!) or waitrose reduced fat pretzels (really yummy, but in too small a packet, so have to eat at tleast 2 packets!!)

I might go and pour myself a glass of wine, having bought 9 bottles today. And I remembered to put one in the fridge.

Right noone has emailed so I'm going back downstairs to decide what to do handcut title in.

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