Monday, May 08, 2006

March 31st

It was my birthday on Sat. Maurice bought me a watch ( I lost my old one this time last year!), Nicholas a box of chocs and Lucy made a lovley photo frame, and she'd chosen piccies of me for it, and decorated the mount. Mum and Dad bought me new secateurs and scrapbooking papers, Sarah some twiggy lights and a brown vase to put them in, Angela, expensive bath oil. I did some scrapping in the morning, did my CJ entry Pets. M and I went out to Chichester in the afternoon and had a cake. It poured with rain (M says it always does in Chi) . Went to Spotted Cow for dinner with Mum and Dad, it was great. I had soup for starters and then trout.

It was mother's day on Sun. We went to see M's mum, and stayed there too long, cos we waited to see John, who was going for dinner. When we got home, N and L had made a cake, and were going to cook the roast dinner. They did a splendid job, roast lamb, roast potatoes, lots of veg, ohh I forgot, prawn cocktail for starters, and then strudel or cake for pudding. YUM. And they cleared up! Best mother's day pressie I think I've ever had.

This week has been pretty normal. Housework and AIFHS on Mon, work at family centre on Tues (but I'm having the next 2 weeks off), Scrapping and Spanish on Wed (gonna give up Spanish cos Maribel is leaving at the end of the summer term. I want to do something arty), saw M and D for lunch at Old Barn Nurserys at Ashington on Thurs, and have been to Sarah's for coffee this morning, and to Muldoons for lunch with Linda and Margaret.

I ordered a huge parcel from Canny Crafts cos they had free P&P, and 10% off. I ordered several 8 x 8 albums, some bright paper, and TH distress inks. Must have a go with them later. I am hosting my first swap on UKS, prima flowers. I'm pretty laid back, so I really don't mind if it ends up that I put more things in the swap than I get out of it. It's just a bit of fun, well supposed to be. Talking of swaps I received my original calander swaps tags back. She's had them since about Oct! Luckily, someone else is up for hosting yet another ct swap! Otherwise I'm left with 12 July tags!!

It's been a bit quiet on Uks, and I'm dying for ukstampers to really get going. Actually, it has just occured to me that I should post on there myself!

Funny thing happened yesterday! I went to Sainsbury's and realised just as I got to the check out with my full trolley that I didn't have my credit cards. I would have to leave the shopping and come back with the money. But, as luck would have it, I bumped into Sarah L, and she offered to pay for it for me, and I send her a cheque. PHew!!!

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