Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Album for Sue

I absolutely loved doing this album for Sue for her 50th birthday! We have been friends with Stewart and Sue for over 30 years, and have socialised with them on and off over the years. We spent a lot of time with them around the time we got married and before we had our children. We didn't see them much while the children were little but have started seeing them for a Sat night meal a lot more in the last couple of years. Consequently I haven't got photos of Sue through her life, and I wasn't going to do an album. But the girls at work talked me into it, and I dug out the photos we have from the 1980s. What fabulous memories!

Mimi is Stewart's Mum. Unfortunately Stewart's dad died when we were in our early 20s, and Mimi has been on her own ever since.


Ray and Eileen are Sue's parents. S & S were always holding suprise parties for their families. I think this was Ry's 65th birthday. He died about 9 years ago

Here come the friends! Peter and Mark are brothers. Maurice knew Peter at school in Bognor. We don't see much of Peter now.

Here's Gary. He has started to organise a Christmas get together each year which is wonderful! I am hoping Sue will bring her album this Christmas!

How drunk do they look?

Maurice met Stewart and the rest of the 'lads' through motorbikes.
Stewart was Maurice's best man at our wedding.

We used to away for weekends on our bikes. Sometimes we camped, but this trip to Bournemouth we stayed in a rather grotty B&B!

Here's Maurice and Stewart outside the grotty B&B! The bikes date this picture exactly!

Our best weekends were camping on the isle of wight. Loads of good memories.

Will we ever forget the saga of the lost keys? If anyone lost something or was late.. it was Gary!!!
Here's Bob helping Gary look for said keys!

Another photo from the IOW

That's me talking to jan at a party I expect. 1982!

Bob and Jan are Stewart and Sue's best friends. Bob looks very different now! They have 2 daughters and 1 granddaughter!

Here's Mark. I love that photo of him alseep! That's at our house, I recognise the sofa! He is married to Stephanie, there in the middle.

A final photo, Stewart, Sue me(I loved that out fit- how 1980s??) and Mark.

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Aww Linda that is a lovely book! I bet she will treasure that! Well done!