Sunday, January 03, 2010

What a decade!

Random thought on this decade.  This time 10 years ago we were relieved that the millenium bug hadn’t hit!  All our computers were going to crash!!!  But thanks to the hard work of loads of computer geeks, (including Maurice!!) we were saved!

  • I finished my degree
  • we got a dog
  • Nicholas finished school and went to university
  • I started scrapbooking
  • I started quilting
  • I rekindled my love of photography
  • We got the internet!
  • We got mobile phones
  • We changed our car for the Honda CRV
  • My Dad died
  • Maurice’s Dad died
  • I made new friends through my hobbies
  • I tried teacher training, but failed!
  • I was a school govenor at West Park and Durrington
  • Maurice went on his first motorcycling holiday without me!
  • I lost some weight
  • I started dying my hair
  • Lucy met Tom
  • Nicholas met Freya
  • Lucy played volleyball and was an England Under 16 champion!
  • I started volunteering at the Family Centre and now work there part time
  • I started to research my family history and joined the Anglo-Italian family History Society
  • Maurice and I both turned 50
  • Nicholas entered his 20s
  • Lucy entered her teens (and didn’t we know it!!)


This is my answer to Scrapdolly’s 1st prompt for the 52in10 challenge for 2010.


Now I really must get on and start some housework!


scrapdolly said...

Wow what a decade indeed.
Fab journalling

Donna said...

You've had a busy decade!!! Come to think of it so have I!! I hope the next decade is full of joy and new exciting things for you Linda!!!!