Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Walk number 3

I know I am a bit ahead of myself here, but I just had to have some snowy pictures in this series of walks!  We have had snow on the ground for 1 week now – unheard of in these parts!!!  The pavements have been treacherous, and Merlin pulls hard, so walking him has been a nightmare!  I have mostly walked him round to the park, and as it snowed again overnight I thought I would take my camera this morning.  The new snow looks very pretty, but is quite slushy, so will hopefully go soon!  I am fed up with it now….

Stepping out of my front door, the bushes look really pretty.

snow 056

Turning to walk north up my road

snow 058

Turn left into Rugby Road

snow 059

Right into The Drive.  I love these colourful terrace houses!

snow 060

Left into tarring Road.  That’s the railway line to the right of the picture with the footbridge in the distance

snow 061

And into West Park

snow 062

Here’s Merlin eating a snowball that I threw for him!  He has loved the snow!

snow 066

Just managed to take this one before the battery ran out!

snow 068

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Karen said...

More great photos - I too love the coloured terraced houses :)