Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year’s Day - walk no 1

I have joined in the ‘52 walks’ challenge.  It shouldn’t be too hard as I am always walking the dog!  But I will try to vary my ‘walks’, that’ll be my challenge!


Walk number 1, easy peasy, my favourite local dog walk, over along Ferring Beach.

Park in the car park, through the gate and along the greensward.  It’s lovely because Merlin can be let off the lead straight away, and he can ferret in amongst the verge, run with other dogs along the green, or go down on the beach!

walk no 1 003

It is a beautiful sunny day, but freezing!  Here’s the frozen puddle, and it was so funny watching Merlin trying to find a piece where the ice was broken to drink the water!

walk no 1 007

That’s Bognor Regis in the distance!

walk no 1 009

walk no 1 011

Merlin having a roll on the grass!

walk no 1 018

Then back home for a steaming mug of coffee!  And now I have to organise myslef to take the Christmas decorations down and pack them all away:(

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Karen said...

Great selection of photos from your first walk of the photo challenge - well done :)