Saturday, June 23, 2007

Goodwood festival of speed

We had a fabulous day at Goodwood Festival of Speed. We are always very impressed with the fantastic organisation. We parked the bike in the 'proper' bike park this time, and there were huge stores for jackets and helmets etc, and a shuttle to the entrance. We went in the entrance near one of the paddocks. That's the great thing about Goodwood, you can go in the paddocls and touch the cars, you are so near. You sometimes get to see famous racing drivers too! Today we saw Jochen Maas, and a Scottish driver called A McNish (never heard of him, but he was signing autographs!) Last time we went, we saw Derek Bell and Jensen Button and usually see Sammy Miller. Anyway, here's a couple of the best photos from the paddock.

Every year they have an enormous structural display in front of Goodwood house. This year it was Toyota's turn, and these cars hung in space from huge girders! Very impressive!

The heavens opened at one time, and we sheltered under the Suburu tent, next to Colin McCrae's car! The rain didn't last long, but boy did it come down! There was a bit of thunder and lightning too. Then the red arrows flew by and did an awesome display. I LOVE the red arrows, and never fail to be impressed. I couldn't take a picture cos it was still raining then, and I didn't want to get my camera wet!

A fabulous, gorgeous blue Harley.

At the Porsche driving experience. You paid an extortionate amount to be driven round a small circuit in avery muddy car!

My best attempt at panning. This is the actual point of the Festival of Speed. It is a hill climb race, and all the bikes and cars are timed riding/driving up the hill. The vehicles come from all ages, and many are famous racing bikes and cars, and many are driven by old (and new)racers. Louis Hamilton, rookie F1 Winner, is going to be ther tomorrow (Sunday is the actual race day, Friday and Saturday are practices)

Stunt rider Christain Pfiefer on a BMW 800, stunning the crowds (even more so because the track was wet and greasy)

I love that Goodwood logo! This is the pedestrian bridge over the track. On the right hand side of the picture is Goodwood house and the paddocks, on the left all the big car manufacturers have huge stands to show off their wares.

In the Cartier 'Style et Lux' area. Always some very gorgeous cars here, and as you can guess, I have loads of photos from here!

Ferrari had pride of place in the stable block this year.

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