Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smoking ban

The smoking ban comes in on Saturday. That has come round quickly! I hadn't really thought about it much until we decided at the Family Centre to rethink smoking there. ATM service users who want a cigarette stand outside the back door, and we have an old paint tin for the butts (YUCK!) We put up a poll to ask whether they wanted to continue with that, or go out on the pavement. It's come back 50/50 really. So we're planning to let them smoke at the end of the drive, so that they don't cause a nuisance on the pavement for passers by. (Although it is a quiet area, and there are not many passers by)

Gosh I'm glad I've already given up smoking (about 20 years ago now!). I started at school, cos some of my firiends did, and once we got into the 6th form, we used to go out of school at break time for our fags! We used to go round the corner so we weren't seen - these days they light up the moment they are out of the school gates, sometimes even sooner than that! The whole of the 6th form were asked to be prefects, so we turned it down, so we could continue going out for our fag!

Another smoking memory that comes to mind is when I worked in a little accountacny firm round the corner here. There were 3 full timers, and a couple of part timers, and we all smoked like chimneys!!! It must have been absolutely horrible in there!! We drank loads of coffee, and sat at big old dining room tables that had wonky legs and were stacked up with books. Nothing wa sever filed away, so there were great big piles of folders and papers on our 'desks'. The boss used to come in on a Friday and buy us all cream cakes, and he gobbled his so quickly, it was disgusting!!! What a place to work! I didn't stay very long!

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MJ said...

Yuk sounds a horrible place to work, mind you have some experiences myself, but we never think they are too bad at the time!!!

MJ xx