Monday, June 18, 2007

I really ought to blog more often....

Oh I wish i could blog every day. It would only need to be a line or two. In fact, the reason I don't is because I usually post on chat threads in UKS and Tandastamps forums. What I should do (and have done on occasions) is copy and paste into my blog! Problem solved! A couple of photos I took yesterday in the garden. Another reason I don't blog very often is that I always think the entries look so much better with photos, and I just can't be bothered to resize etc to be able to post them!!! These are popadoodledoo'd as well!

Ok one or two lines about today. It is still warm and humid. We (merlin and I) got a bit wet this morning on our walk up to Highdown. He seemed to really enjoy it this morning, he loves running through the long grass, especially when it is windy too! Work was pants, there isn't really enough to do for 3 hours most days, I just wipe down clean things to while away the time sometimes! I should probably suggest that I cut my hours, but then that's less money:( Just done my Anglo Italian stuff and nonsense, and now have to go to the bank and waitrose. Off to Crawley crop tonight, hurrah!

NJ had a maths exam this morning. A levels don't seem very taxing really! He's only had a couple of exams so far (but 3 this week!). They have only been for 1.5 hours - didn't we have 3 hour exams? He is not at all perplexed or stressed. He had an interview at waitrose last week, and is waiting to hear on that. Still pondering the church gap year scheme thingy.

LE is going into town with girlies after school. She is always out atm!! Still, I think i was too at that age, why not?

M's wobbly job is looking a little better in that RC in Phoenix will want a person just like him in August to fill a Eurpoean slot. Here's hoping!

Mum and dad came over yesterday. Dad drove his car for the first time in ages. He seemed really well, and jolly. Let's hope he is on th mend, and he gets a good long spell of feeling OK. I showed them my heritage album, and we talked family history alot. I ordered a few more certificates. Why are they so expensive?
Are there I go again - one or two lines becomes 10 then 20......

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