Monday, June 04, 2007

cool day!

We had a really cool day yesterday! At the end of our week off work, i was feeling a little disappointed with ourselves. We didn't go anywhere (except Mottisfont on Tuesday) and we only did small bits of jobs, like move half of the carpet that was on the patio to the end of the garden (to use as a weed supressor on the path).

So yesterday we went out! I persuaded DH that we should go for a ride on his bike as it was such a gorgeous day! We took lots of little 'B' roads around West and East Sussex, ending up at Balcombe viaduct. What a splendid sight! Then we had half a lager at a gorgeous little village called Lindfield (not to be confused with Lingfield where the lovely Craft barn is!) overlooking the village pond!

After tea we all went for a walk down to the beach and we took some great photos, a selection of which can be seen here!

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