Tuesday, July 10, 2007

weekend day out to London

WE had a super day out in London on saturday. I had booked to see Phantom of the Opera ages ago, as a birthday treat for Nicholas (27th December!!). I wanted a Saturday matinee, and this was the earliest I could get!!!

We dropped Merlin off at Mum's for the day (first time they have had him for a whole day), then drove to haywards Heath, and caught the train from there. First we went to Covent garden for lunch and a wander round.

Then we walked to Trafalgar Square, where all the stuff for the Tour de France was set up. We didn't see any bikes though. The theatre was just round the corner in haymarket. Right near to where they diffused a car bomb last weekend!!

The Phantom of the Opera was absolutely fantastic!! We had front row seats, which were really good. It was nice to be able to see the expressions on their faces. There were a few special effects which made us all jump, especially Lucy!! She didn't think she would enjoy it, but she did!
We had something to eat on Victoria Station and caught the train home. We got back to Mum adn dad's about 8pm. All in all a great family day out - we must do it more often!

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