Friday, July 13, 2007

DS has a job!

Nicholas started his job yesterday! YIPEEE! He is working for a local insurance company as a Business Analyst. He has to make info look pretty to give to someone else! Should be OK. It will be really nice for him to get out into the big wide world, and work with ordinary people, and see hos the world of work functions. He is earning quite good money too! NIce becasue he wants to save some for university next year. I already miss him dreadfully, and he's only been gone a day! I am so used to him always being here, whenever I come back from going out! But i will soon get used to it.

It's bought back lots of memories for me from when I first started work, not all that happy really. I went straight from school to an office full of middleaged women, who were so bitchy and horrible to me. The office surroundings weren't that good, and I didn't make any friends. I just hope to goodness that my 2 children take up careers that they really like doing. The world is their oyster becasue they are both bright and intelligent, and can do whatever they want.

I have recently finished my 'When I grow Up' book, and realised that my ideal job would actually be working primarily on my own, but as part of a team. Like I do at the Family Centre! I hated being the boss when I was younger, just not enough confidence, wonder how I would be now as a boss? Not sure I've got that much more confident or assertive. It is my biggest regret that I didn't go to university when I left school, and stayed in science, maybe even academia. I don't think it's going to happen now, sadly.

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