Friday, July 06, 2007

seaside walk

One of our favourite evening walks with the dog is down to the beach (about 5 mins from here), and then along for about 15 mins, then back through the streets. We often take our cameras and try to get different shots! We've been looking at Digital SLR magazine and are inspired to take 'movement' shots! Hence the shot fo the grass moving in Marine Gardens. I really want to get a shot of the sea where the water takes on a 'misty' appearance becasue of the slow shutter speed, but it was too bright tonight. We need a ND filter (apparantly!!)

On the scrapping side, I have been spending money like water! I decided I should really take a check on my bank account today. I have bought several dies for my cuttlebug, all from eBay, so at least they are cheaper than the shops. I bought the 'typewriter' alphabet, but it is a bit small, and some leaves, asterisks, and tags. I MUST got and have a play! I just get obsessed about buying stuff, and then don't use it - I wonder if anyone else does that too!!!

I have been wanting to subscribe to a kit for a while. I did subscribe to an American kit when I first started, which was brilliant. Anyway, someone started a thread on UKS, and Scrapagogo came out tops, so I have subscribed to them. Really looking forward to getting that kit. Also scrapping angels, which is a smaller cheaper kit, the Little Red Scrapbook Company (American, lush kits, and cheap becasue of the excellent exchange rate atm), and then I bought 2 one off kits, the new Junkitz salsa, from Jillybeans, and Scarlett Letter from Scrummy stash Cafe!! Going to have to do an awful lot of scrapbooking now - but then I am taking lots of pics atm.

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