Monday, July 16, 2007

A Rant!

Last night we went to our friends for dinner. She told us to get there at 6pm, which we did, but she hadn't got any of the meal ready. He was on the phone for about half an hour after we got there. We stood in the kitchen feeling very much in the way, while she whizzed about starting to cook everything, in between taking drinks upstairs to the (teenage) kids (surely they could come down and get their own ) . So we couldn't have a conversation with her becasue she would walk out while we were talking!!! It is the same EVERY time we go there - and she invites us alot!
He doesn't join in the conversation unless it is about HIS interest (health hazards of mobile phones and global warming- hardly uplifting light conversation!! ) By the time she put out crisps and olives to nibble I was starving, so ate too many. I tried not to eat too much dinner, but ended up a bit too full, and hardly slept a wink becasue of the rich food.
I try not to invite them here very often as a hint but DD and their DD are best friends atm, and she still invites us even when it's our turn!! (We regularly go there 2 or 3 times before they come here!) When they come here, I have the tea ready for when they are due to arrive, and we all sit down more or less straight away. If one of us was on the phone (or computer) we would immediately get off. I should talk to her, but I don't know what to say - I don't want to hurt her feelings. DH used to HATE going there, but he has got used to it now.
We are taking their DD with us away to Center Parcs for a few days at the end of this month. Not really looking forward to it, becasue the girls are SO silly when they are together, and I just hope Lucy won't show off and get all stroppy with us when we say no! Maybe it will be better when they are together for longer, they won't need to show off.

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MJ said...

Oh Linda this is a hard one hun, I am with you, when you invite someone round you have the dinner ready, or at least one of you sits down with the guests and gets drinks etc whilst the other one finishes off, you have every right to moan, can't believe she can't take the hint, can you turn a few invites down, arrange to go out for a meal on your own or something whenever she invites you.

Hope its not too difficult with the girls over the holiday, two girls can be really gigly, but stick to your guns.

MJ xx