Tuesday, April 04, 2006

April 4th

It's been another lovely day. I persuaded Nicholas to come with me for a dog walk, so we didn't go until nearly 10! We walked along the Rife at Ferring, fab weather, lovely birds singing, not too many people, just a few horses out from the disabled riding school. Nicholas really enjoyed it. We came back for a cup of coffee and HCB. Then Nicholas disappeared to the computer and I worked in the garden. I've cleared most of the south facing border. It wasn't too bad once I got going, just a whole load of couch grass and bindweed that I will never get rid of (especially the way I dig it out!) Merlin loved being in the garden with me, chasing birds, squirrels, bees, chewing bits of stick that he nicked off me! He is absolutely whacked now - no need for an evening walk! I am whacked too, and feel a lovely glow on my face from the fresh air. I'll probably have a bath later with that lovely bath oil Anglea gave me for my birthday.

I received 2 parcels today, 1 with 2 bottles of primas for my prima swap, and 1 with bazzill scenic route cardstock, K and CO papers and a daisy punch. (must stop sending money!!) I really need to add up my spending, I can't find the printout I did of paypal, must look for it again. Yesterday I went to the craft shop in Worthing, and guess what? They have refurbished and restocked, and have some scrummy stash! I bought some papers, which I then realised I had ordered with my cardstock!! K and Co life's journey - really like them for my heritage album.

Lucy is skiing in Italy with the school, and texted today to say she has had 3 lessons and is going up a group! There's loads of snow, and she is tired. Glad she is having a great time. I'm getting alot of vicarious pleasure out of her going, no need to go myslef!

M has taken Nicholas off to see his mum. Nicholas hasn't been to see her for ages, and it's best we don't all go at once.

Doing really well with family history. I have been in touch with people on Fumagallis side, descendants of Algernon, and people on Vanstone side who might be able to identify the photo we thought was Edwin and Jane.

Off to do some Spanish, watch create and craft, and might do a bit of scrapping, well at least a bit of stroking stash!!

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