Thursday, April 13, 2006

Must tell you about my night out last night! DD went to a teen disco in Brighton (at the Event II for those who know it!) , and so we decided to have anight out in Brighton too. I was a bit worried about what we would do for 4 hours (7 -11) so looked at the cinema listings, nothing there we fancied, so DH decided to book a concert. Well, it was a Spanish jazz guitarist! Not my thing at all! I got a bit worried when the theatre started to fill up with some very intellectual looking people! I must admit he played fantastically well, but so fast, and so frantic!! It was like flamenco guitar at 100mph, with lots of guitar slapping in between. There was an Indian man playing the bongos who really didn't sound like he was in time with the 2 guitars!! Actually I really didn't enjoy it at all!! It finished just after 10, so we walked around a bit and found a little pub, (loads of lovley little pubs in Brighton), but it was a student pub, we felt like we were their parents!!DD and her friend really enjoyed the disco, there were hundreds of 14/15 year olds all queuing up outside in tiny short denim skirts and strappy tops, all looking exactly the same (DD and her friend too!) Luckliy they already had tickets, so they went straight in.But that's 2 post-midnight nights this week becasue of dd!! It feels like she's a baby again, lack of sleep and all that! She and her friend are still asleep (she has to have a friend to sleepover after a disco so they can talk about it), it's alright for some!Talking of housework girls, I bought a mew mop-head yesterday, and just tried to clean the kitchen floor with it, but it doesn't fit on the handle, so I had to get down on my hands and knees to do it (only becasue it is a new floor!)Looking forward to Easter weekend. I'm a bit annoyed with the kids becasue they are busy most of the weekend, so no family outing / dinner for us, but I have invited some friends round on Sunday evening, and Mum and Dad are coming for lunch on Monday. DS is going to a LAN party all day on Monday, which means 1. he won't be here for lunch, and 2 we have to get up early to take him and computer to the party!!

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