Sunday, September 09, 2007

sunny saturday

It was a gorgeous day today. We really are having an Indian summer! It's nice when it's hot in the day at this time of year though, cos it isn't hot at night, and easy to sleep.

We needed to buy a paper shredder. I had loads of stuff left from when I was a school govenor, and I have been sorting out 'office' files at home, you know, bank statements and stuff. So we cycled into Worthing with our cameras, and here are some of the pics I took. This first one is the WW1 memorial outside the town hall, and is used for remembrance day parades. One year Nicholas was in a parade with the scouts. Me and Lucy went to watch, I think Maurice was away. Suddenly a boy was being carried away from where Nicholas's troop were. I said to Lucy, 'oh dear, look someone's fainted', and then realised it was Nicholas! Evil mother that I am, I made him parade round the block with his troop after the ceremony!

This is the top of the town hall. I haven't been in the town hall much, but was invited to meet the mayor earlier this year, as he was doing a reception for volunteers!

This is the memorial to the Boer War situated at the bottom of Steyne Gardens. We went there to photograph a statue of Triton, that has been moved there from the old boating lake. Troulbe is, its in the centre of a garden that is fenced off, so couldn't get any close ups of it, and the background was too busy.

The Dome Cinema on the seafront has been refurbished. It needed it! We always used to call it the 'flea-pit'! And that was when I was a child! It has recently opened but we haven't been there yet.

And this is how Maurice and Merlin spent the afternoon, while I did the ironing and tried to shred paper! In the end I burnt the paper on the BBQ because there was so much of it!

After tea, Maurice and I went on a mini pub crawl! We haven't been out to a pub for just a drink for ages! We were looking for an old fashioned country pub to take a colleague of Maurice's who is over from Phoenix for next week. We think we'll go to the Shepard and Dog at Fulking.

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