Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First the bad news.... and then the good.....

3 bits of not such good news:
1 Dad did not get on so well at Worthing Hospital yesterday. He and Mum are a bit stressed, so I'm going to see them this afternoon. Did anyone see the article in the Daily Mail yesterday about myeloma and the new drug velcade? (It was about Dom - from Dick and Dom in da bungalow, his FIL died from myeloma recently having had it for 2 years, well my Dad's had it for 10 years!!!)
2 I have to have a small gynaecological operation. Luckily we are on health insurance scheme, so going private, and having it done in November.
3 DH's job still not sorted. He is now on 3 months notice Hopefully, they will sort out his new position in that time
I'm trying to stay positive

4 bits of good news (CC = UKScrappers cyber crop)
1 CC mystery kit arrived this morning!! (Not completely sure I like it, but hoping it will grow on me!)
2 Little Red Scrapbooking co kit arrived from USA, with the most gorgeous felt die-cuts, the brightest blue you have ever seen!
3 Sarah's cards CCkit arrived too! YUMMY
4 I am going to Ally Pally on Saturday. Will my dining room survive under the weight of all this new stash???

All I need now is time to scrap!

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