Sunday, September 09, 2007

Mods and Rockers!

At the Ace cafe Reunion, in Madiera Drive, Brighton. Here are the mods! There were quite a few mods, but not many scooters with all the long aerials and loads of headlights!

This man adores this bike obviously!

Sooo many bikes, in fact they were parked all over the centre of Brighton, all on the pavements!

Here are the rockers! Loads of Harley davisons! I love that low slung style, and the leathe rpanniers, and the fringed leather jackets! I want to get a biker chick t-shirt now!

It was a reall sight, I am so glad we went. (We nearly didn't cos we had been out walking this morning, and we didn't leave home till 3pm!)

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