Friday, October 05, 2007

Alexandra Palace

Here's my stash I bought! I spent about £90!!! I am feeling a little bit guilty now at the amount of money I am spending - maybe it's time to actually USE the stash, and not spend anymore!!!LOL
Anyway, Ally Pally is an awfully long way to go from here. I met Lorna on the train to Victoria, and then it was about 20 stops on the underground to Wood Green, AND THEN A BUS!!!!!! We finally got there about 11.45am, just about 3 hours after leaving home! Was it worth it? I am not sure. Yes, it is a brilliant show, and it is really nice to see everything in the flesh - but all that travel for such a short time there. I probably won't go again, but glad I went once.
On the way back we caught the bus, and were walking to Wood Green ug station, when we witnessed a bit of raod rage. A man jumped out of his car, with a hammer, and smashed the back windows of the other car!!!! Bit of a shock! Especially as we had crossed the raod just in front of them seconds before he did it! Another reason not to go again!! LOL
Look at my lovely stash though! I've been buying a few sb books lately, and absolutely love this Elsie Falnnigan book. I also bought a few minibooks (I should make my own much cheaper!!), and these great wooden letters to alter for LUCY for Xmas. I've asked Dad if he can make me Michelle and Isobel for my neices, so i can give them for Xmas. Also bought another cropper hopper paper folder, and have spent quite a bit of time sorting through pps and kits etc. (Must start using these kitsLOL) for the cyber crop on Ukscrappers over the next few weekends.
Might be busy then, using my stash!!!

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