Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Evening walk to the beach

We always take Merlin for a walk after tea.  Merlin knows the routine and follows us about while we clear up after eating until we are ready to take him!  Maurice prefers to go to the park, but sometimes I persuade him to my favourite place – the beach!


First we have to walk down the road:

 52 walks 002

Then through Marine Gardens where they have just planted these red coleus which look fab next to the yellow phormium:

52 walks 003

The tide was quite high, but the water very calm:

52 walks 010

Merlin couldn’t resist going in!

52 walks 011

Ugh!  A very wet smelly dog:


52 walks 012

The sun was trying to peek through as it went down:

52 walks 015

Making long shadows of the three of us!

52 walks 016 

We walked along towards the pier:

52 walks 022

It looks quite Mediterranean here!

52 walks 023

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