Wednesday, July 14, 2010

walk round RHS garden at Wisley

Mum and I have had a glorious day out at Wisley, one of our most favourite places!

These delphiniums are in the mixed border, our favourite place!

 rhs wisley 002

Then we went into the little rose garden, a new huge rose garden is being built, it will be fantastic!

rhs wisley 004 rhs wisley 008  rhs wisley 013

We just loved this combination of pink rudbekia and silver eryngium in the Piet Oldurf prairie borders:

rhs wisley 021 

which leads to this stunning view of the new greenhouse with this gorgeous colour combination of planting:

rhs wisley 024

Love this view of the greenhouse from the top of the rockery….

rhs wisley 026

…which takes us to the alpine house:

rhs wisley 029 rhs wisley 034 rhs wisley 039 rhs wisley 040

Back up through the fruit garden to my dream greenhouse:

rhs wisley 043

along to the model gardens where I saw this idea for my patio:

 rhs wisley 044 rhs wisley 045

and back down the other side of the mixed border to marvel at the colour, texture and shapes in the planting:

rhs wisley 051 rhs wisley 053

and then of course into the shop to buy the huge long list of plants on our wish lists!

rhs wisley 054

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