Thursday, July 01, 2010


We were due to walk up one of the 3 peaks of the Pennines, Pen-y-ghent.  The coach dropped us off high above Horton in Ribblesdale, and we walked towards our path.  Unfortunately this high up, the clouds were at ground level, and it was very misty!  So we took a decision to do a shorter walk, down into Horton.  As it happens, I was immensely relieved!  The ascent of Pen-y-ghent was some 1400 feet from where we were dropped off, and very steep, including scrabbling up rocks for the last little bit!  I am not a rock climber so was relieved that we didn’t have to do it.  In fact, as we descended into Ribblesdale, the cloud began to lift, and we took some terrific photographs under Derek’s expert tuition.  It was a much better photographic experience than the climb up Pen-y-ghent would have been.

Catching the sunlight as it passes over the quarry on the other side of the valley:

Pennines 154 

Pennines 159 Pennines 165

I think this is my favourite shot of the week, I just love this windy path – doesn’t it invite you in  to the picture?

Pennines 171 Pennines 173

Once down into the village of Horton-in Ribblesdale, we went into the church, where Derek gave us much welcome instruction into taking photographs inside churches:

Pennines 183 Pennines 185 Pennines 188

We sat in the churchyard and ate our sandwiches.  Afterwards we walked up towards Pen-y-ghent, here:  The right hand side is what we would have walked up if the weather had been better.  Of course, by the afternoon it was perfect!

Pennines 210 Pennines 221

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