Friday, August 21, 2009

My paper clutter

I must tell you about my paper clutter course I have been doing on
It has been very enlightening! Here's my office clutter before, and then again after. I realised that my 'prime real estate' ie the first shelf was taken up with stuff that wasn't so important. So although most of the paper is the same it is better organised and labelled, and certainly looks a lot neater!
The course has been really good, and I recommend it to anyone. You get 6 weekly 'lessons' and there is a small forum where we have been encouraged to swap ideas. We have a daily thread where we tell what we have been doing in our 15mins alloted time per day! It has been a great motivator! So much so that I have signed up for another course, 'Organise101', to help me to organise my scrapbooking stash.


Donna said...

Looks great Linda!!

Lauren said...

Looking good! I took her BPS class back in January. Been debating taking her holiday organizing class... would you review the paper clutter class? Do you think it's worth the investment??