Sunday, December 30, 2007


Our Christmas was tinged with sadness and a lot of stress because Dad was taken into hospital on Christmas eve with a very nasty chest infection. His immune system is really low because of the chemotherapy and it really hit him hard. Writing this now on 30th Dec, he is still poorly, but the antibiotics are doing their job, albeit with horrible side effects (sickness). Poor Dad! We missed him terribly at our Christmas dinner, but have been going in every day, taking it in turns with my brother Andrew to drive Mum in and out of the hospital. Poor Mum! She is beside herself with worry.

Anyway, we still managed to have a good time, and here are a few pics. Here's Nicholas opening a pressie!

Here's Lucy in her shower cap! I made up a little box of girly things for Lucy, and silly things for Nicholas. They loved all their presents.

I have included this one - not the greatest photo, but it shows how our lounge looks right now! Merlin had a fab time shredding all the paper!

I have cropped this one a bit, but this is Christmas Dinner. My brother and his wife are to the left of Maurice, then Izzy, my Mum is to the right of Maurice and then it's Michelle. We had lunch a bit earlier so that we could take Mum in to see Dad. He was really poorly today. We left Mum with him for a bit, then went back to get her, and bought her back here for a present opening fest! Michelle did all the driving so that A & L could have a little drink! Bless her, she has been absolutely wonderful, supporting Andrew, and has been to the hospital with him every time he has visited, because Lynda has a cold and can't go to see dad.

And here are some of the presents I received!

Now I must put my new CDs (Hoosiers and Bruce Springeteen) on my MP3 player!
I also had the book for the TV series 'Tribe'.

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