Sunday, March 21, 2010

Walk no 11

I have not kept up with ‘52’ walks, but here’s one we did today:

We decided as it was such a nice day to walk the dog somewhere a bit different.  But all the places we could think of would have had sheep and lambs – not a good idea with Merlin!  So we decided to go up to Cissbury Ring, an iron age hill fort just north of Worthing:

It is quite a steep climb up from where we usually park.  Merlin loves to run on ahead and then run back down the hill towards us!

walk no 11 001

Walking through the gate onto the actual ring itself

walk no 11 004

We walked on the lower path today, and round the other way! 

walk no 11 008

The path in the distance goes over towards Lancing clump, a place I frequesnted as a child!

walk no 11 010

Views to the south and the sea.

walk no 11 011

Views to the north and fields!

walk no 11 012

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Angie said...

Love your first shot ...silhouettes againt the sky are my favourites