Monday, May 31, 2010

Walk at Goodwood, Lavant area

It was time to do our monthly long dog walk so we got the map out and decided to go over to Goodwood:



We started at the ‘P’ in the top right hand corner, and walked south to East Lavant, and then back up in a big loop.  The walk was 4.5 miles and took about 1.5hours.

walk no 20 001

We soon met these young bulls!  Merlin had a strop with them and barked at them!

walk no 20 014

walk no 20 021

The village of East Lavant is really pretty.  I had to tear Maurice away from a rahter nice looking country pub, but even the tables outside were laid up with white napkins and cutlery – not the sort of place for scruffy old us to go in for a quick pint!  So we sat on a bench at the cricket ground and had our flask of coffee

walk no 20 027

walk no 20 031 walk no 20 034walk no 20 035

Walking back up the hill was pretty until we reached a field full of sheep and lambs that we had to cross!  Maurice had to keep a real tight grip on Merlin!

  walk no 20 037

walk no 20 040

The last bit was along the top and wow what a view!  These pictures don’t so it justice – the first one is looking down towards Chichester, and the second one is looking west towards the Isle of Wight, which rises out of the sea like a great big whale from this angle!

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