Sunday, May 04, 2008

Family History

I haven't done much family history lately. I did sit and sort out my Vanstone folder a few weeks ago, and made a list of things to do. Now I need to sort out my Fumagalli folder, and write to the archives in MIlan to see if I can find out anything about Giovanni's family in Italy. I keep coming across a Camillo, could he be a brother? He owned a restaurant in central London, and I've found him going bankrupt on the London gazette. I would love him to be a relative!

Yesterday I went up to London for the Who do you think you are? family history show. I was on our anglo-italian stand. I find it so interesting, because everyone wants to tell you their family history stories! I met some really interesting people yesterday, people wit artist ancestors who had tracked down some of the paintings, someone who had done alot of research back in italy, and someone else who had priests in her family background who worked at the vatican! I am inspired to write to the archives in Milan, and must do that this week! I also need to start to trace Dad's maternal ancestors, ie the Sargents.

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