Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Tour of My Garden

We have spent a bit of time this week in the garden tdiying up, weeding etc. It looked so gorgeous today I decided to take you on a tour!
Here is the view from the conservatory. We have just moved the bench to that position so we can see the garden better when we have our morning cup of coffee!! I have spent a good while this morning weeding that patio! It is getting older now and is not well laid so weeds grow up between the cracks and it looks awful!

View from the bench. I cut the big phormium back becasue you could hardly get to the steps! We have a sunken lawn with big sloping borders all around. There is a gravel path around the back of the borders.

Here is our summer house under our ginourmous cedar tree! it is a bit ancient now, (the tree and the summer house!) but dad mended the windows for us a few years back and kept it going. Originally it rotated round for the best bit of sun, but that mechanism is well and truly stucxk now, and anyway it is permanently in shade becasue of the tree.

Here's the other side of the patio (to the left as you look out) towards the garage. Maurice is intending to extend the garage pronably quite a way past that old tumbledown shed! The only problem is it will block the neighbours kitchen window.
You can see my pots here too, I keep these for summer bedding, and some have all year round planting. At the back I have 2 sinks filled with alpines.

Here's my vegetable pots! I have planted out my seedlings today - runner beans, french beans, courgettes, italian climbing beans, and a big tomato. YUM! Just got to remember to water and feed them now!

This is the right hand border, the sunny border as it faces south. It has mostly mature shrubs in it, most of which were here when we moved in (15 years ago)

The view from the back of the garden looking towards the house (and big cedar tree!)

Goping back towards the house on the north facing border. This is very shady and the grass here is always very boggy in the winter!

A view of the horrible concrete steps up to the patio- and my washing line!

The north facing gravel path. Maurice has spent this morning weeding this! It looked really dreadful - you couldn't see the gravel! It does have old carpet underneath, but we did it quite a few years ago now, so the weeds have got a hold.

The south facing gravel path. This one was doen much more recently and is still in good order. It is easy to pull up the oldd weed along it. My only problem along here is bindweed! It gropws all along this border, and every year I vow to get on top of it! I usually do for about 1 month, then lose interest! Once i dries out the soil bakes solid and is very diffidult to work.


Penny said...

Wow, how huuuuge is your garden?? it's looking lovely! I love the big old cedar tree and the summerhouse :)

deb said...

What a fab looking garden Linda, gorgeous, but it must be so much work.