Wednesday, June 25, 2008

25th June

I am doing 'Scrap your day' from, where we take photos of our 'ordinary' days on 25th of each month. This month it fell on a working day, so I took my camera to work and took pics of my mop!

After work, I took Merlin for a short walk, round to the park, and tried to capture not only pictures looking OUT, but pics looking UP and DOWN as well!

After that, my picture taking stopped! I put my battery on charge while I went to the hairdressers, and then had to rush out straight away again to take Lucy to the nail bar to have her nails done for the prom tonight. In my rush I left the battery but grabbed the camera! It was a shame cos the sea looked fabulous today. I went shopping for a few things for my holiday, including books, new fleecy, camera bag, 2 new CDs (Coldplay and Newton faulkner - worth mentioning her that both kids think I'm cool liking Coldplay!) By the time I was done, Lucy had had her nails and hair done, so we went home together, for a cup of tea, then off out again to take her to Tom's to get ready for the prom. I did have me camera now, and took a few pics of her and Tom looking Very gorgeous!

Then, I decided to take Nicholas to Tescos for food shopping for him next week (cos he will be here on his own), so didn't take my camera, BUT we stopped for fish n chips by Sea lane cafe, adn there were loads of windsurfers and kite surfers out cos it was very windy!

Since getting home, i have put the shopping (and my organic veg box) away and tidied up the kitchen and caught up on here with uploading CDs to MP3 player, uploading photos, and forum chats! Just having a tiny (cos that's all that's left in the bottle) glass of wine and then I will go to bed.

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