Friday, June 20, 2008

End of exmas

A few photos from our night out! We took Lucy and boyfriend Tom to a Smith and western restaurant in Chichester to celebrate the end of their exams. It was fab! It's a cowboy themed restaurant, and very nicely done. We had steaks and BBQ chicken YUM!

Can't beleive it's the end of their exams already! All that high school ends here! Well, they have proms next week and leavers assemblies to go to, then they are officially left!

Quick update on dad. He has spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital (came home 1 week ago) some of it in Worthing, some in UCH. Going up to Londond to visit him was very stressfull, Mum wanted to go up every other day, and couldn't go on her own. We found that thebest way to get there was drive to gatwick, then gatwick express to Victoria, which leaves every 15 mins and is non stop. The tube 3 stops. That's virtually guaranteed 2 hours doo to door. He has had a whole cycle of velcade now, and is feeling very rough this week. Thank goodness he has had velcade because the myeloma was starting to affect his eyes, and he does have permanent damage to one eye. The velcade is very strong and is reducing his platelets and clotting factors so he needs transfusions all the time. All in all it is not very nice!

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