Friday, February 27, 2009

16 things about me

I read this on Ali Edward's blog recently and thought I would have a go! I have been thinking about what to write while out on my dog walk! Here's the latest picture of me, ice skating! Lucy and I went iceskating last Tuesday on Worthing's very own temporary ice rink! It was great fun. And we had a gorgeous lunch afterwards - quality time with DD, fab!
So here are 16 things about me right now:

1. I have been very happily married for over 30 years! YIKES!
2. we have 2 fab kids - Right now I am just loving watching them turn into independent young adults.
3. The dog is being annoying right now! Spring is very definately in the air with him, and he is a bit of a nightmare out on a walk - he pulls soooo hard!
4. I am still cleaning and volunteering. Right now I do Mon - Wed early mornings, then Wed evening for a 'quick clean', Thurs pm is volunteering, then stay on till 8pm cleaning. Fridays off!
5. I am loving scrapbooking best of all out of my hobbies.
6. I am looking for a new challenge for this year.
7. I am spending too much time on the computer!
8. I completed my first quilt and now am in limbo not knowing what to make next!
9. I still have coffee on a Friday morning with my 'best mates' Angela and Sarah, but we don't manage every Friday these days.
10. I am spending quite a lot of time with Mum, and still worry about her far too much!
11. I have made time for a bit of family history this year, and am beginning to research my paternal grandmother's family.
12. I did get out my old cross stitch again the other day to finish it as a priority, but haven't doen very much yet!
13. We are going to Rome at Easter to celebrate my 50th birthday.
14. I have organised a dinner at the Black Horse at Findon for 24 friends and family to celebrate my 50th birthday.
15. I do eat quite healthily, abeit a bit too much! (Really want to lose 7lbs before my birthday)
16. Right now I am very happy!

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