Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow day!

Loads of snow today! We woke up to an overnight snowfall of about 2 inches, which is a an awful lot for us! I cycled to work, Ok in the fresh crunchy snow! And as it got light a magical winter wonderland unfurled! Gorgeous!! I walked my bike a fair bit of the way home because the snow by then had been crushed to ice by loads of tramping feet! Maurice was at home,- he couldn't get to work (transport completely up the spout), and Lucy was excited! During the day the snow mostly melted, but as it is getting dark it is beginning to freeze. It will be like a skating rink in the morning. Another casualty of the weather is my sewing class tomorrow. it has been cancelled, even though we are supposed to be making a snow scene picture LOL! I have more photos in my camera from our walk down the beach this afternoon, but here's Merlin doing his snow dog angel in the back garden!

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Heather said...

Love Merlin's 'snow angel' - how fab and very wet! LOL