Thursday, September 01, 2005

1st September

Well, it really is September now. Just turned over the Vancouver Island calander and there is a lovely picture of a forest in Autumn. Me and Nick wnat to go there right now!!

Holiday seems ages ago. I did feel relaxed when we got back, so it did me some good. Troulbe is, I've since put on about 3lbs, and have not been excersizing, so am feeling not too fit. I did walk up Highdown quickly this morning, because I saw somweonw I knew and wanted to catch up with him and dog, Barney, the basset hound. Trouble was, I was then out of breath and felt quite embarrassed! Dogs had a good play, and it was great to see my chums again. Talked about agility, obedience etc.

Went shopping to sainsbury's yuk, I hate it! Must get onto ordering from internet, but don't seem to find the time to be preorganised, and order a couple of days before I need it. I would like to order main shopping from the internet, and then shop up the road for bits in between. Lucy has invited Bec and family for a meal on Friday. I'm cooking Indian. They are vegetarian, so it's easy, a few different vegetable curries, and a pizza for the kids. They always stay everso late, so I'm gonna try to get in a sleep before they come so I can last longer.

I am going to Chichester with Mum and Dad this afternoon. We all want to go to Lakeland. They do a lot of scrapbooking stuff now. Also on SB, have emailed some crops nearby(ish), to see if I can join in. Just spent my 5 minute fix on UKS. Will now go and reprtint that file folder.

Lucy has gon

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