Sunday, September 11, 2005


Just a quick note because I've not been here much recently. We are decorating the computer room. started last Monday, and moved everything out. Computers are on the dining room table, and room looks a mess! Me and Nicholas have painted ceiling (white from lilac), walls (dark blue and light blue from similar, and stripy), woodwork (white from lilac). M and I glossed yesterday, and today we took out the corner unit, took up the old carpet and moved the lilac unit back in for painting. Lucy and Katrina did the first undercoat. It's going to look really good, but it makes such a mess! Maurice's mum and Robin came to tea on Friday, so we ate in the conservatory which was Ok, but not half as nice as the dining room.

Can't wait to get the dining room back so I can scrap and craft some more.

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