Wednesday, August 31, 2005

WEdnesday 31st August

The end of the summer holidays. Lucy goes back on Friday, but Nick has got another couple of weeks. The weather is glorious today. Really hot, perfect blue skies, light breeze. Gorgeous! I painted the inside of the front door this morning, so can't go out becasue of wet paint, and open doors. I had planned thatNicholas would be in all day, and I could nip out down the beach for an hour, but he has gone out with James. Lucy has gone into town with her friends who slept over last night. They want a lift back, but will only get it if Nicholas is back - you know, wet paint, open doors etc!

It's quite sad to think it's the endof the hols, and probably the last really hot weather of the year. But we must look forward, and I quite like the idea of cosy winter evenings. It's the last day of August too. Lucy said last week that August is like a Sunday. I know what she means, it's kind of lazy.

My items are selling on ebay, which is quite exciting. I keep checking them, far too much really. Unfortunately, they are all Lucy's so she will pocket the money. Maybe I'll deduct some becasue of the work I've put in.

Got agility later. Don't really want to go, it will be hot. I will go to the end of this 6 week period, I think we have 3 weeks left, but I may well give up after that. I don't like the fact that it's so late in the evening. I like my early bedtimes!

Rang sarah this morning, and had a good chat. Meeting for lunch next week. Where shall we go?

Scrapbooking. In the middle of a lo of weddings of MUm and dad and aunties and uncles. I'm using the paper that Andrew got me form USA. It looks OK, especially with the B&W photos. Of course, it took ages to scan them in and print them! Now I have an idea to use a file folder, and I printed a template from WORD, but it needs to be a little bit bigger. Off to do that now,and will probably have a look at UKS at the same time.

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