Thursday, August 25, 2005

25th August

Just got back from getting my son's GCSE results. I wanted to go into school with him, but decided to sit in the car and wait because I didn't want to be the only parent! Anyway, the results are very good, he is a real clever clogs! Hopefully we'll go out to celebrate tonight!

I got up about 7.45am because I wanted to take our dog, Merlin, for a walk. Went up to Highdown, but didn't see many other people I know. I really enjoy the social side of dog walking, even if it's just a comment on the weather! The weather was gorgeous this morning, clear blue skies, and felling fresh after yesterdays rain. I could just about see the Isle of Wight.

I'm off to Worthing to take Lucy and a friend to the cinema. Nick and I might go as well, and have a celebratory coffee and icecream!

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