Saturday, August 27, 2005

27th August 2005

We did go out on Thursday. We met Maurice in Brighton, and ate at Donatello's. Lovely spaghetti marinara! M and I went for a walk with Merlin round the block, talking about GCSE results, are exams too easy? Who are these employers who say kids can't read or add up?

Yesterday, I wasted a lot of time. I hate it when I do that. I seem to not be able to get on with anything if I'm waiting for N or L. Took Nick to work (Small computer shop), and went for a walk with Merlin along the fields at Cissbury. Very nice. Took Lucy to Rachel's house, where she is sleeping over tonight. Bit worried about it, becasue she has only just met her, through MSN, via friends from old school. I'll soon see how she got on. Met Linda A and Chris LJ for lunch in Worthing. Really nice chat, Linda's son has just done A levels and is off to uni!! Can't believe it - seems like only yesterday we were going out with the NCT lot, kids aged about 3!!

Went to see mum and dad, got some more photos for my family album scrapbook. Must spend some time scanning them in and printing them. Regarding scrapbooking, still not sure what style I want to do! CM is easy and less creative in a way. Quicker too, but is it what I really want to do. I suppose I am a little influenced by UKS who think CM is old-fashioned, but then, noone needs to see my LOs except me!!!

Nick went to Doug's party in the evening, but came home early because he didn'r know anyone, and they were all getting drunk! I went to sainsbury's and bought us an Indian take away £7.99. Plenty of food there, and very tasty.

This morning I have made a list, and am working through it. Actually, writing this was not on my list, woops! Just cleaned the bathroom, and going to make the beds.

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