Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas journal and Security men's do

Here are my entries in my Christmas Journal for days 14 and 15. I actually completed them both this morning, and I'm really pleased with them. I'm loving doing this journal, real quality time to think about Christmas nad the things I enjoy doing is MAGIC!!! The music one is my favourite entry so far, although todays (15th) is pretty good too. I love the BG Blitzen papers. I ordered the pack from Jillybean's scrapyard on Tuesday, and they arrived on Wednesday. How cool is that? This one is called Poinsettia and I love the colours, especially with the green cardstock.

Security Men's Do
WE were invited to the Security men's do at American Express. Last year it was an excellent night out. The food was fabulous, there were plenty of people there and we palyed roulette with pretend chips. We spoke to quite a few people, and had a really great evening.

This year, the food was very disappointing, it was like going into a canteen. We had beef or chicken casserole served out of those awful metal containers that you get in canteens, with only 2 bowls of salad!!! It was quite tasty, but it didn't seem right to go for seconds. (Actually it did me a favour, becasue it meant I didn't eat too much!!) WE played ahorse racing game, which was OK, but we didn't win, and the 2 blokes running it were a right pair. One was gormless Joe, who lolled back in his chair and kept scratching his balls, the one in charge was a very little fat bloke with very scruffy trainers, and a very Essex accent!

The speeches were dreadful! It's always difficult when you don't work there, but these men made it particularly boring!

Today I have a free diary, but loads to do at home. Bet I waste my day! I've started a list, been for a dog walk, and am catching up on here before I start on it. What shall I do first? Post the Christmas cards (involves long queue in PO for stamps), tidy dining room (where to start?), finish putting decorations up (have to tidy dining room first!). No I shall do yesterday and today's Christmas journal entries!!! (At least I won't have tidied all my scrapping stuff away first, and I should stay in this morning in case any parcels come. (WE have ordered a few things from the internet this Christmas.)

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