Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lucy's birthday

This is Lucy with Lucy G and Bec at Pizza Express on the night of her birthday.
Lucy is 14 today. 14 years since we had that gorgeous little girl. She was not a very easy baby, but I was so thrilled to have a daughter. One of each now, a son and a daughter.

Lucy had a digital camera for her burthday, a Canon coolpix that M bought in Gatwick airport on the way out to Phoenix last week. She also had loads of smellies!, ski gloves and hat, Black-Eyed Peas CD, purple throw for her new double bed, sweets. I can't think of anything else.

I am still loving doing my Christmas journal. I must load up some pictures here. I love getting the prompt from Shimelle, thinking about what I am going to do, doing it, and then looking at what everyone else has done. The emails are much less now, about 20 - 30 each time. I can cope with that.

Nearly finished Mum and Dad's album, will probably take it to my crop tomorrow night and finish it then. Need to think up something to say to janet re her CM offer. I should not and must not appear to be interested in selling it! I really want to get away from CM, it's just that it's the only stash I see in real life at the moment!

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