Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Scrap your day - 25th of each month

I am really looking forward to doing this. Shimelle has challenged us on UKS and her website (http://www.shimelle.com/) to scrap one day each month for 1 year. She has picked the 25th, which is great, because it is Chrsitmas Day AND my birthday!!!

So we started last Friday, and I took my camera with me everywhere. I want to blog about my day here. I got up at 7.30am, showered, ate breakfast (2 weetabix) then went for a dog walk, straight down the beach. I took quite a few photos, especially of the roads round and about. The tide was low, and we walked along to the yacht club. When we got back, I tidied up a bit, and Anglea and Sarah came for coffee. (I always worry about tidying before they come, because thy're houses are both immaculate!) I have wanted to take a photo of them for ages for my scrapbook, but don't have the nerve to ask them!! (Don't know why!) Today was going to be the day. But Angela turned up straight from the gymn, a bit pink and still in her gymn clothes. She told me she felt a bit embarrassed in front of Sarah. Well of course, Sarah turned up looking absolutley gorgeous and immaculate! So I didn't have the nerve to ask!!!! Instead I took pics of the empty coffee cups. We chatted about Angela's recent holidya to tenerife, and the fact that her son ahs come back from extended skiing in France - no not longer skis! but a two month working holiday - sounds like he had a wonderful time and maybe has caught the travelling bug? Wonderful as he is the one who had menigitis last November. I spent quite a bit of time offloading my stressful day yesterday when I drove Mum and Dad up to UCH for Dad's treatement, but more of that later. I guess that's why I don't blog so much -I can off load to friends both in person and online! Sarah doesn't get a word in much!

Lots of chat and 2 mugs later, they left, and I drove to meet, Lynda, Pam and Chris at Tides cafe in Goring for lunch. We have a lunch date on the last Friday of each month. These are my NCT friends, that I met at coffee mornings when Nicholas and Lucy were babies. We didn't see much of each other for quite a few years, but have started meeting again, and it is great! I had jacket potato with tuna, and an orange juice, having already had too much coffee! We chatted about Pam's visit to an auction that morning, she had bought a Victorian dress and some fans. Chris told us how much she has enjoyed her year off work(her gap yearLOL) and might have next year off too! I of course spent ages telling them about yesterday's drive to London! I don't think Lynda got a word in!

We didn't stop for too long, and when I got home, I spent some time on the computer, catching up with forum chat, and scanning in the old photos of me as a little girl that I am scrapping atm. I have decided to scrap the actual photos, as I wouldn't know where to keep them otherwise, but they are a bit damaged by having been in a 'magnetic' album for years.

Tea was chicken in a sauce (jar) with vegetables. Lucy wasn't in for tea, in fact, I picked her up from school and took her straight over to Tom's. They went to Chichester for a meal with Tom's friends. She has been earning money from me for a while for this! And tonight she caught the train home so we didn't have to go and pick her up.

Maurice came home, ate his tea, then we walked Merlin through the park. I did a bit of scrapping when we got in, making the book for this project. I decided to follow Shimelles' ideas pretty much fully.

At 8pm I watched Gardeners World with my glass of wine and packet of low fat crisps! GW is on for 1 hour atm, and is quite good, I am particularly enjoying Joe Swift on his allotment. Nicholas came downstairs (from his computer) to watch Have I got News for You with us. Very funny! I went to bed quite early because we need to get up early on Sunday because Lucy is playing volleyball at Bath Uni, u16s championship!!! Although I didn't tuen the light off until nearly 11pm because of reading! I am just finishing The Diplomats Wife, and have to say it is a really good read!

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