Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Am I a chocolate lover? Not really. Well I do like it and if it's there it gets eaten, but I don't buy it very often.

Last night we finished up all (well most) of the chocolate we had over Christmas. Mum bought us a tin of Quality Street (mmm love the purple and green ones best!) Maurice bought me 3 (yes 3! I thought perhpas it was 3 for the price of 2 whhen I opened them) for Christmas! Maurice's dad alwasy used to buy me some at Christmas, and I was feeling nostaglic for them! I love the nutty bit around the outside, and the soft bit inside, all of it really! And then I always think that the container will be useful for something - but I have yet to find that something LOL. Maurice still has a half finshed box of liquers, I am not so keen on them.

We also finished off the Christmas cake. I made 2 this year, because I followed a Waitrose recipe, and there was too much mixture for 1 tin! It was the best cake I have ever made! I didn't ice it until the weekend after New Year, and guess what, between us 3 (me, Lucy and Maurice) we have eaten both already!!!

Now I need to work hard to loose the half a stone or so I seem to have put on over Christmas. Think I will go and make a veggie soup for lunch!

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