Monday, January 05, 2009


Some thought on my word for the year.

I intend to look at all areas of my life and try to simplify them.

First thoughts are: How to save time so I can craft more? Simplifying laundry routines and shopping routines will be a good place to start. I will try not to iron so much, taking things out of the tumble drier and folding works well enough, and noone seems to mind if they haven't got perfectly ironed clothes. I will try and get back into the routine of internet food shopping (in fact I ought to do that right now!) I have begun to simplify my craft stash by selling loads of old stuff I won't use anymore (got £25 at B&H crop on Saturday). This will enable me to see the newer stash and start to use it! I have loads of kits that I haven't even opened. I need to cancel the sub to the kit I get, cancel the sub to a card making mag I don't even like! buy less magazines! (Look at websites for inspiration instead)

Maurice has decided his word will be SURVIVE! This includes survive at work (ie not be made redundant) and on his holiday big trip to the Himalayas.

Nicholas has decided on LEARN. He did consider CHALLENGE, but thinks that last year was his challenge year, this year is more about consolidating change.

When we asked Lucy, she said her word would be BUM! Then when we explained more, she said SEX! Oh to be a teenager eh? I think her word should be FUN. And I will try to enable her to have lots of it!

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Heather said...

I so love Lucy's words for the year. Made me laugh.