Thursday, June 18, 2009

craft room tidy up

I have had another big tidy up! I use my dining room as my craft room, and it is usually in a terrible state! It has piles of stuff all over the floor and I can't see the table


Now at least I can see a good bit of working space! I finally got round to ordering a clip it up whirly thing. I hung all my alphabet stickers onto it, and am embarrassed to say that I have filled it up! At least now they are at my finger tips, and I will use them, especially all those old half finished ones! It's great!

I have ordered the piles on the floor a bit better. Just got 2 big boxes, one with Arrowfile inserts (I am still sorting photos!) and one with holiday bits and pieces over the years. They really need a proper resting place!

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Lesley said...

I'm loving your new look blog Linda! Glad to see you're a bit more organised haha!!
Lesley x