Thursday, June 11, 2009


I had another advanced driving lesson today. My instructor, Ron likes to take me deep into the country to the north of the town. We drive down some really tiny one track country lanes, gorgeous! He is really keen to tell me interesting facts about places, buildings and landmarks. I have shown a bit of interest, so he is doing it more! Today we drove to Arundel, and as we drove past the cathedral, we saw that the flower festival is on. I happened to mention that I haven't been to see it ever, so we parked up and went into the cathedral! Ron is like a tour guide, spouting interesting facts all the way!LOL

A funny little story is that I mentioned at my sewing class that he has taken me on some really lovely drives in the countryside. Fiona asked why would he want to take you there? nudge, nudge! Well, that particular afternoon, we drove over round some lovely little villages to the west, and he made me park the car, then he said, let's get out for a walk, there's something I want to show you round here!! Well, I had to suppress a giggle!!! What was it he wanted to show me?!? Actually it was a very interesting gravestone in Walburton church yard, which has the story of the death engraved as a picture on it. (It was a tree that fell on him!)

I wish I had taken my camera on these drives!

My driving is improving all the time, and Ron says I am ready for my test YIKES! I have now arranged to have a dummy test with another instructor next week. I must fill in the form for the test too.

Todays chat has also bought back lots of memories for myself and Maurice. The subject got onto my Dad and the fact that he had worked at Ricardo Engineering at Shoreham. Ron mentioned someone he had known at Ricardo, who was involved in the RAC/ACU training scheme years ago. Well, that was where Maurice and I met! It was a training scheme for novice

motorcyclists, and I went on (under Dad's instructions) when I had my first moped when I was 17. Maurice was a trainer.... need I say more..... (It was his big Triumph Trident motorbike that attracted me!) So walking the dog tonight we've been trying to remember who else was there!LOL Maurice can't remember Ron though.

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